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Freespirit Recreation Adventure GS 55" Premium Roof Top Tent
Freespirit Recreation Adventure GS 55" Premium Roof Top Tent
Freespirit Recreation Adventure GS 55" Premium Roof Top Tent
Freespirit Recreation Adventure GS 55" Premium Roof Top Tent

Freespirit Recreation Adventure GS 55" Premium Roof Top Tent

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    • Freespirit Recreation Adventure GS 55" Premium Roof Top Tent

      Glamp with exceptional panoramic views! The latest edition to the Adventure Series rooftop tent line is the addition of the gas strut quick deployment feature. Now, Freespirit customers can begin camping within seconds versus minutes. Once the PVC cover is removed a strap is released that allows the tent to deploy instantly. Weekend warriors who typically arrive to their camping spot in the evening, can now focus on other things knowing their bed is seconds away.

      Lightweight - As we walk around the tent, we notice the extruded aluminum design which translates into one of the lightest and strongest tents in the industry. At 120lbs. it makes for a more manageable installation process as well as mobility in storage during the months it is not being used.

      Low Profile – At only 9” tall it is sleeker than the average roof top tent that folds in half. Most customers with a traditional roof top tent cannot park in their garage, but the profile on the Adventure Series allows most customers to be able to fit through the door.

      Soft Storage – Probably one of the best features, not discussed enough, is the ability to store more gear on top of the tent. While basic bedding can be kept inside the tent before closing, it is the space on top of the tent, while it’s in the closed position, that allows for so much more storage capacity. Freespirit recommends keeping enough extra gear in the tent to help round out the cover in order to shed rainwater should the user experience rain while the tent is mounted to the vehicle. (To clarify, we recommend keeping bedding laid out INSIDE the tent like blankets and sleeping bags, and when the tent is in the closed position, things like duffel bags, camp chairs, stored sleeping bags, etc. can be staged on the face of the tent BEFORE putting the PVC cover on).

      Comfort – The Adventure Series line of tents have some of the most comfortable mattresses in the industry. In a side by side comparison performed by one of the largest online Overlanding Magazines, The Expedition Portal, FSR’s Adventure Series tent was selected as having the most comfortable mattress of all.

      View – One of the best features of the tent, and one of the main reasons people love roof top tent camping is the view. The panoramic view you get while comfortably sitting upright inside this tent speaks for itself. A lot of other platform style tents in the industry do not allow you to completely sit up, or open in a clam shell format which diminishes headroom on one end. The Adventure Series tent actually increases in height from back to front which allows for a comfortable viewing experience.

      Premium Tri-Layer – The Tri-layer fabric system introduced by Freespirit a few years ago has only gotten better. These tents have been tested in a rain simulator without a rain fly on them. Extreme weather ready, yet forgiving in the extreme heat, having the Tri-layer fabric truly completes the perfect marriage between design and functionality.

      Available in Black or Grey Tri-layer and has a sleeping capacity of 2-3.

    •  Tent/Gear/Trailer/ReadyLight Products Warranty

      Freespirit warrants for a period of one (1) year the structural integrity of the tent, tent floor, poles, fabric mattress, and all ReadyLight products against substantial material and manufacturing defects. Freespirit will repair or replace, at its discretion, any defects during the warranty period. In the even that our products must be returned to our facility for inspection, the owner must assume the cost and liability of freight. In some cases, we may choose to source a local repair shop in the city where the customer is located, however, only if the repair shop will guarantee the repair. All repairs done by a local repair shop must be approved in writing by Freespirit Recreation before any repairs are completed.


      (1)  This warranty does not apply to items added, changed, or modified after the Freespirit Recreation product left the possession of Freespirit Recreation.

      (2)  Any Freespirit Recreation product used for commercial purposes.

      (3)  Normal wear and usage, such as fading or discoloration of soft goods (upholstery, screens, cushions, mattresses), fading or discoloration of wood, plastic, or fiberglass components, tarnishing of aluminum or stainless steel surfaces, powder coated surfaces, tears, punctures, soiling, mildew, effects of moisture condensation inside the vehicle, or mishandling, neglect, abuse, misuse, lightning or other acts of nature, or corrosive atmospheres which can result in rusting, oxidation or pitting.

      (4)  Minor imperfections, which do not affect the suitability of the product for its intended use.

      (5)  Normal and routing maintenance such as inspections, lubricating, adjustments, tightening of screws, tightening of lug nuts, scaling, cleaning, or damages arising from the failure to have maintenance performed or improper storage as outlined in the owner’s manual and/or the component manuals.

      (6)  Wheel alignment or adjustments to axles when caused by improper maintenance, loading or damage from road hazards, including off road travel, wheel damage or balancing, or damage resulting from tire failures.

      (7)  Costs incurred for onsite service, transportation of the Freespirit Recreation product to a dealer or costs incurred as the result of the consumers request to have repairs performed at a location other than an authorized dealership.

      (8)  Tires or batteries, that are supported by other established dealer networks and warranty repair locations. The written warranty that is provided by component manufacturers is a direct responsibility of that manufacturer.

      Freespirit Recreation’s Responsibility

      Any part of the Freespirit Recreation product subject to warranty, which is found to be defective in material or workmanship, will be repaired or replaced at Freespirit Recreation’s option without charge to the customer for parts or labor. If the customer has moved or is touring the United States or Canada, please contact Freespirit Recreation prior to obtaining service or purchasing parts.

      How to Obtain Warranty Service

      In the event that a substantial defect in materials or workmanship is found to exist in parts warranted by Freespirit Recreation, Freespirit Recreation will bear the cost of the repair or replacement of such defective materials or workmanship, provided that the owner: (A) Notifies Freespirit Recreation of the defect in a timely manner. (B) Follows instructions from Freespirit Recreation on how to get approved repairs (Freespirit Recreation will determine if there is an authorized service center within reasonable distance of the owner. If there is not an authorized service center near the owner, the owner will be required to get two written estimates, from any local repair shop, RV dealer, or RV service station, for the required repairs). (C) Schedules an appointment and promptly takes the Freespirit Recreation product to the authorized service center for necessary repairs. (D) Pays any freight or transportation costs, or import duties or fees involved.

      Purchaser’s Obligations

      Purchaser shall notify Freespirit Recreation and deliver this Freespirit Recreation product for warranty service within a reasonable time after discovery of the defect and in no event later than thirty (30) days after expiration of the warranty period. All incidental and consequential expenses incurred by Purchaser in obtaining warranty service shall be borne by Purchaser. No action to enforce this warranty shall be commenced later than thirty (30) days after expiration of the warranty period.

      Care and Maintenance

      It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to perform the care, maintenance, and assure correct load distribution as outlined in the Freespirit Recreation owner’s manual. Other, separate manuals outline additional component care and maintenance. Please review all manuals supplied with your unit and contact Freespirit Recreation if you have questions. Any damage to the FSR product, as a result of the Purchaser’s failure to perform such care, is not covered by the Warranty.

      How to Submit a Warranty Claim

      To submit a warranty claim, please email Simply Glamping USA at ( Please do not reach out to Freespirit Recreation to submit a claim. Simply Glamping USA will contact Freespirit Recreation and respond to your email and give you directions on filing the claim.

      How to Ship Product to Freespirit Recreation

      After notifying Simply Glamping USA on your warranty claim, we will give you detailed directions on filing the claim.



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