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First Things First - What is Glamping?

Glamping is a lifestyle choice of camping.  Glamping is glamorous, luxurious camping.  It’s about bringing the luxuries of home with you during your camping experience.  Whether it’s in a RV (camper), large Poly Tent, or the more luxurious, canvas style Bell Tents.  Once you glamp, you won’t go back!



When choosing the type of glamping shelter, you must ask yourself - how much do you want to be one with nature?  If not at all, then you may want to look at a RV/Camper.  If you want to experience that one with nature experience, then tent camping is for you.

  1. How many people will be joining your party?


  1. How much room do you need or want?


  1. How much do you want to spend on shelter? RV/Campers are the most expensive but will last longer.  Poly Tents are a more disposable tent vs.   the canvas Bell Tent, which are more expensive but more durable.   


  1. How much weight can you lift?  Some tents are very light weight (Poly   Tents) while others are heavy (canvas Bell Tents).


  1. Can you pull a RV/Camper?  If not, then Tent Glamping it is!


  1. Are you the type that is a little more on-the-go? Then the Roof-Top, SUV or Truck Tents are a perfect choice.


  1. How much time do you want to spend on setting up your glamp site?  All types of shelter take some time.  A RV/Camper will need to be blocked and leveled (can take 10 to 30 mins), Poly Tents are generally the easiest and fastest to set up (within minutes) and the canvas Bell Tents can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to set up.



Once you have chosen your type of glamping shelter, it’s time to decide how luxurious you want to go?  When we first started Glamping, I would bring my items from home.  That lasts for so long.  Hauling the items back and forth from the house to the camper and camper back to the house can become a real hassle.  You will want to purchase Glamping Accessories just for your camping trips. 


How decked out do you want your shelter to be?  Remember, if you are Glamping, you need luxury.  Below are some areas to consider when Glamping.


  1. Environment if everything. You must have the correct lighting.  Whether it is individual lanterns or overhead string lights.  The correct lighting inside and outside your shelter is important.


  1. How comfortable do you want to be while sleeping? While Tent Glamping, you don’t want to sleep directly on the ground.  You will want to be either on a cot or an air mattress.  If you’re in a RV/Camper, you already have the luxuries of a bed but you may want to upgrade your mattress. 


  1. Now it’s time to Glamp that bed.  You want to surround yourself with beautifully designed bed sets.  While you’re at it, pillows, throws, and bed scarves will add a touch of flare to your sleeping environment.


  1. Rugs are a must for all shelters. Beautiful jute rugs are a must for the ultimate Tent Glamping experience to tie together that warm, luxuriously cozy feeling.  They are natural and go with any décor.  The beautiful and colorful nylon rugs are durable enough to withstand the tent or RV/camper traffic.


  1. How much do you want to “rough it”? Again, I must remind you, you are now Glamping!  At Simply Glamping USA, we have the strong, long lasting, durable cast iron pots and pans in all sizes.


  1. Sitting around a campfire can be so serene but it also comes with the unwanted smokey haze that seems to linger right towards you! With our campfire options, you can sit around the fire without that unwanted thick smoke surrounding your space. 


  1. If you're Tent Glamping, do you think you have to Glamp without electricity? Not if we can help it!  Check out our Solar Power options.  These little buddies can keep you out of the dark and still connected to technology for hours at a time.


Shopping at Simply Glamping USA will give you many options of Glamping products.  Browse our site and come back often as we are always looking for new products that will give you that unique Glamping experience. 


Happy Glamping from Simply Glamping USA!